Clinique La Prairie Stories - Shot on vintage Lomo Anamorphics

This was a very exciting project for us. With the client being open to new ideas we got the chance to shoot two films about stories of the Clinique La Prairie in  Montreux using vintage lenses that we developed a love-hate relationship with during this shoot.

Choosing to create a format that stands out in a very limited amount of time - easy. 

Execution of it - not so easy.

Finally, we chose to shoot this project on some very hard to find vintage Lomo Anamorphic lenses. The look of these is very distinctive with crazy flares and oval blur. The most difficult part of operating a heavy camera package is was not the weight, but pulling focus on a lens that moves back and forth due to its mechanics. This means after nearly every change of focal distance we had to re-adjust the matte-box in order to correctly expose the image and to avoid seeing any reflections on the ND filter that was mounted to the matte-box.

Nevertheless, once back in the editing suite we were stoked about what these old goodies could do and would do it all the same again.

No regrets.


Pictures of lenses and Larry the gaffer.