Interview with HospMilleniart

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3. Coming from the Hospitality Industry, how do you differ from other Media companies and how do you benefit from it?

Nobody cares if you film in 8-or 10bit how many FPS your camera can shoot and why you shoot in Log profiles. The main priority is Why. Why do we film/photograph this project, why are you hiring us. Purpose first, then process looking at the tech stuff, actions we need to take and focusing on the result last. Most (media) companies go the other way asking “what is the kind of result you are looking for?” - That's not wrong. Simply different. We prefer looking at the motives of our clients, goals of communication or sales numbers and work our way towards the content.
EHL taught us a lot about purpose and belief and gave us an understanding that most companies do not exist to sell their services but have a belief or reason which they aim for, the How and What are simply there to follow that believe and make it happen.

4. Video and Photo content creation are gold nowadays, especially in this frenetic digital age. Among your portfolio you have prestigious name that you worked for such as Cartier and Accor Hotels. How do you manage to attract such high standard clients?

Network, Network, Network.
The EHL/AEHL community proofed to be a huge help. AEHL folks over the place. Supportive and willing to give us a chance. Word of mouth helped us a lot and in the end also the extra nightshift/weekend of work here and there. Never stop hustling. If somebody wants you to work 18 hours on a Sunday you got to make a choice: is it worth it? So far the answer has always been yes and that's something clients appreciated and come back for.

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