Video - Content that gets customers engaged

With Accenture’s latest report on digital marketing and communication channels, video is officially at the forefront of marketers. But is your company maximising their potential?

Driving sales while maximising profits: an unchanged motto and aim of businesses which is written as an ever constant of every marketer's goal. But as simple as the formula to success sounds, the variables unfold quickly. Differentiation of audiences, channels and content have exploded in the past 5 years.

By 2018 84% of all marketing
communications predicted to
be visual
— Cisco
50%+ of B2B marketers
prioritizing visual
marketing this year
— Content Marketing Institute

Never have there been more channels to target customers and never have consumers been more spoiled with high quality adverts or big data driven, well targeted content.
Video is gaining in popularity as a content as well as communications tool thanks to its ability to deliver complex messages in a fast and effective way. With audio, text and motion pictures combined feelings are sparked easier than static images or text advertising ever could. With over 2,32 billion smartphones users worldwide (Statista 2017) the reach is no longer limited to desktop users. Increasing 4g and LTE speeds let users tap into video-on-the-go without the hassle of loading times as still known in 20015.

According to Accenture Interactive’s consumer survey  Strategic video content to “educate, show authenticity and build customer relationship” helps both consumer and business channels to win big.

Is your company equipped to produce high-quality video content at the volume demanded by online audiences?
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of consumers said they are most likely to click through a remarketing ad online
— Accenture Interactive